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    Our Mission

    Tyner Pond Farm Mission

    Our mission at Tyner Pond Farm is to provide grass-fed beef, pastured pork, chicken, turkey and lamb unmatched in quality and nutrition by using sustainable rotational-grazing farming practices. We were founded in 2010 to mend a broken industrial food system. By focusing on feeding people instead of profits, our goal is to build and strengthen the local food community by providing drug-free humanely-raised animals to consumers. Read more »

    Meet Our Farmer

    Chris Baggott - Tyner Pond Farmer

    "The food industry is broken," says software entrepreneur turned farmer Chris Baggott when he explains what led him to the creation of Tyner Pond Farm. "Large producers put profit ahead of people; quantity ahead of quality." Paying close attention to the emerging craft movement in other industries, Chris was convinced we needed the same kind of evolution in farming. Read more »