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Why Rescue Calves

It’s a fact that 97% of all calves born in the United States end up being sold to industrial style feedlots. We will let you do your own study of the feedlot system, but it’s something we are opposed to for Environmental reasons, Human Health reasons and Animal Welfare reasons.

Nearly all calves are born on smaller farms and many are raised only on their mothers milk and grass until the point they are sold into the feedlot system.

It's a Good Life

Calves at Tyner Pond spend their entire lives Holistically Managed eating nothing but grass, expressing their natural behavior without the need for antibiotics or hormones. It's a good life.

We decided a few years ago that instead of having our own calves born on Tyner Pond Farm and increasing the overall cattle population, we were going to scour the country and find the best ranchers and rescue calves from their feedlot fate.

This is a bit more expensive for us (about $1,000 each), but we think it’s important work.

The voluntary calf fund collects from our supporting customers and goes specifically towards our twice per year calf purchases.

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