Organic Grass Fed Butter

Once you've had this, nothing in the supermarket will be good enough.
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NOTE: Indiana law prohibits the sale of raw (unpasteurized) milk for human consumption. Therefore, all raw liquid dairy products sold by Kemp Family Organic Farm are sold as "pet food" and labeled "Not for human consumption".

100% certified organic whole raw (unpasteurized) salted cow's cream butter. Containing everything that the cow provided and nothing else.

During spring, summer, and autumn our Jersey cows are grass fed in open pastures. In the winter they are fed certified organic alfalfa hay harvested from our own farm. The cream is separated from the whole milk using a stainless steel centrifugal separator and then mechanically whipped into a superb, very lightly salted, butter. It takes a full two gallons of fresh whole milk to make one pound of this wonderful butter.

Available in one pound plastic tub.

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