Bratwurst (Locally Made Brats)

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Tyner Pond Farm's Local Bratwurst is a traditional German sausage that's a staple in both German cuisine and our farm's selection. Made from high-quality, locally sourced pork, our bratwurst captures the essence of this classic German favorite.
Characterized by its fine yet firm texture, our bratwurst is made using a blend of spices that includes marjoram, nutmeg, and a hint of garlic, giving it a distinct, mildly spiced flavor profile. This seasoning is carefully balanced to complement the natural taste of the pork without overpowering it.
The pork used in our bratwurst comes from pigs raised right here, ensuring the meat is fresh and of the highest quality. Our commitment is to sustainable farming practices.
Bratwurst is traditionally served grilled or pan-fried to a golden brown, offering a deliciously crispy exterior and a juicy interior. It's commonly enjoyed with mustard and a bread roll or as part of a larger meal alongside sauerkraut and potatoes. Its versatility also makes it a great addition to stews, pasta dishes, and casseroles.
Tyner Pond Farm's Bratwurst is more than just a sausage

Ingredients: Blend of salt, onion powder and spices. The meat ingredient for this product is 100% ground pork.

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