Our Products

Pasture Raised & Non-GMO

Grass Finished Beef

Tyner Pond Farm’s rotational grazing system means that our Grass Fed Beef are able to move from paddock to paddock, eating only the freshest pasture every day. Our grass-fed beef is the best tasting as well as the healthiest beef possible.

Holistically managing cattle is also healthy for the soil. Soil health is our primary mission.

Pasture Raised Poultry

Our chickens and turkeys live in mobile housing that we move around the fields. They forage on grasses, weeds and insects. This helps our ecosystem by dispersing nutrients into our soil while enriching their diet for better tasting chicken. Whether baked, broiled, fried, or slow cooked, our pasture-raised poultry create a delicious, memorable meal that the whole family will enjoy.

Locally Raised Pork

In addition to the pigs we raise here at Tyner Pond Farm, to keep up with demand we partner with trusted community neighbors to provide the freshest local pork we can find.

Food Miles Matter and supporting Local Farms also supports healthy Communities.


We often offer Bundles like !/8th a cow or 1/4 pig for sales at a discount for people who want to stock up. These bundles go quickly so check back often

If you’re looking for bigger bundles, like a whole or 1/2 cow near you, Please message us