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  • Tyner Tips

    Tyner Tips

    New to Tyner? Welcome! Here’s what you can expect when you shop at Tyner Pond Farm.

    1. Check your address. Before you get started shopping, check to see if we deliver to your area. We can deliver to your home or office — it’s up to you! 

    2. Go shopping! Find the products you want in a variety of ways: by product type, lifestyle or other specialties (like Bundled Packages or Farm-Fresh Deals). You can also use our search tool. Once you’ve found what you want, just select the quantity and place it in your shopping cart. 

    3. Get your red freezer bag. Your first order will be delivered in our awesome Tyner Pond Farm red freezer bag, along with ice packs, that you can reuse for all your TPF deliveries. When you place your next order, simply leave it outside and we'll place your order in the bag where it will stay nice and cold until you bring it inside. (Oh, for those hotter Hoosier summer days, we recommend a personal cooler to ensure your order stays fresh!)

    4. And I need a freezer bag because . . . ? In order to deliver the absolute freshest products, we freeze meat immediately after it’s been processed. That way, you can choose to thaw and prepare it immediately, or save it for later. We think it’s the best of both worlds! 

    5. Sign up for our non-GMO emails! We send emails regularly with coupon codes, special offers, recipes and more! It’s a great way to stay connected, try something new and save money.

    6. Pat yourself on the back. With every order you place at Tyner Pond Farm, you’re helping local farmers and eating truly healthy, fresh, sustainably raised, non-GMO food. And it tastes fabulous! Thanks for your business and support of the Eat Local movement!