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    Meet Our Farmers

    "The food industry is broken," says software entrepreneur turned farmer Chris Baggott when he explains what led him and his fellow farmer, Mark Farrell, to the creation of Tyner Pond Farm. "Large producers put profit ahead of people; quantity ahead of quality." Paying close attention to the emerging craft movement in other industries, Chris was convinced we needed the same kind of evolution in farming.

    Acreage that was once primarily used to grow corn, the land was purchased by Chris who renamed it Tyner Pond Farm (read about our farm’s history), and immersed himself in learning about “sustainable” farming methods. It may seem strange to see someone who found success in the software industry roaming the acres in work boots and gloves, but Chris is sure he’s spending his time wisely. Chris is assisted, most notably, by Mark Farrell.

    You will find Mark out in the pasture working with our animals just about every single day of the week. No stranger to long hours and hard work, Mark is the youngest of eight children and grew up tending to the horses on their family farm.

    “I could bore you with all the details of how the industry has gone awry,” Chris says, “but the point is simple: It should be easier for all of us to eat better, healthier food. Tyner Pond Farm is our commitment to making that a reality here in Central Indiana.” Our approach to farming is natural and sustainable, creating healthier land, livestock and customers.

    While Chris and Mark play different roles on the farm, they are of one mind on the important reason for its existence. “Traditionally, everyone knows where their food comes from. It’s only in the last few decades that industrial farming changed this nation. We wanted to get involved and play a part in the local food effort. We wanted to make it easier for people to have access to food that was better in so many ways . . . We wanted to make a difference.”

    Dedicated to the continued growth of Tyner Pond Farm and providing the local community with a wholesome food source, Chris and Mark are just as excited about the final product as they are about the process. “You’ll be amazed at how great this food tastes,” they say. “We promise, you won’t be disappointed.”