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  • Diagram of Beef Cuts

    Cow Map: A Diagram of the Cuts of Beef

    Did you ever wonder where the cut of beef that you loved came from? Here's our Cow Map, a diagram of all the key sections of a cow and what cuts of beef come from each area.

    Diagram of the Cuts of Beef on a Cow

    Key Sections of a Cow

    Here are the major sections of a butchered cow along with the cuts of beef that come from them.

    • Brisket - brisket flat cut
    • Chuck - boneless short ribs, shoulder petite tender medallions, shoulder petite tender, boneless shoulder pot roast, boneless shoulder steak, shoulder center ranch steak, boneless chuck eye steak, shoulder top blade steak, shoulder top blade steak flat iron, boneless chuck steak, 7-bone chuck pot roast, boneless chuck pot roast.
    • Flank - flank steak
    • Fore Shunk - shank cross-cut
    • Rib - boneless ribeye steak, back ribs, boneless ribeye roast, rib steak, rib roast.
    • Round - eye round steak, eye round roast, round tip roast, bottom round roast, top round roast, bottom round steak western griller, round tip steak, sirloin tip center roast, sirloin tip center steak, sirloin tip side steak
    • Short Plate - skirt steak
    • Short Loin - top loin steak boneless, tenderloin roast, tenderloin steak, top loin steak (bone-in), T-bone steak, porterhouse steak.
    • Sirloin - boneless top sirloin steak, tri-tip steak, tri-tip roast

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