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    100% Grass-Fed CATTLE

    Before we talk about our cattle, let’s take just a moment to talk about our grass.

    In some respects, we consider ourselves grass farmers first, cattle farmers second. That’s because the quality of our grass has quite a bit to do with the quality of our beef.

    Here’s how it works: our rotational grazing system means that our cows are able to move from paddock to paddock, eating only the freshest pasture every day. Here’s the other cool thing: the way we raise our chickens helps keep the quality of our grass high, and the chickens also thoughtfully eat the bugs that can cause the cattle distress. Everything we do is beneficial to our animals, our environment, and your food.

    But enough about grass, chickens and bugs.

    We have three types of cattle at Tyner Pond Farm. First is the South Poll. South Poll cattle were bred in higher heat and humidity conditions from four of the very best breeds of purebred cattle. Known for their fertility and longevity, they have a gentle disposition and produce tender meat. They are also raised as grass-fed cattle, so they thrive well on grass.

    Next is the Wagyu, a Japanese beef cattle. Wagyu meat is well-known for its marbling characteristics and high quality. Because they were originally bred in Japan, with its rugged terrain, they were not grass-fed cattle. To our knowledge, we are one of the few farms in the country using grass-fed techniques for Wagyu.

    We saw an opportunity to make the best of both worlds, and so we are cross-breeding the Wagyu and South Polls to create a cow that is both naturally disposed to eat grass and to produce some of the best beef in the world.

    For a variety of reasons, we want people to buy and eat grass-fed beef, not grain-fed, and we want it to be the best tasting as well as the healthiest all-natural beef possible. That’s why we engage in pastured farming techniques and rotational grazing, for the benefit of the cattle, the land and your family.

    While we are very excited about the potential and longevity of our cattle, we also hope to do more than raise grass-fed beef: we want to do it as humanely as possible with pastured farming methods. The cattle will be born here; they will eat the grass here, and they will live healthy, natural lives here at our farm until it is time to butcher. We believe this is the best way to raise cattle for their well-being, and the best way to ensure the highest quality, freshest beef possible.