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Is your meat certified organic?2016-02-28T00:29:55+00:00

This answer can become quite complex, but to keep things simple, the answer is technically no. Our land and pasture is certified organic, however our animals and our meat do not carry the same certification.

Do you have a physical store where we can buy meat?2016-02-28T00:31:42+00:00

We offer in-store pickup from 8am to 12pm, Monday through Friday at our location in Greenfield. You can place your order online and schedule a date and time that is convenient for you to pick up in-store. Our store address is 90 West McClarnon Dr, Greenfield, IN 46140.

By far the easiest option is to have your delivery delivered to your door at no additional cost. We ensure that every delivery is kept cold and delivered right to your door!

Do you sell whole cows or hogs?2016-02-28T17:57:11+00:00

Currently we do not sell whole cows or hogs, but we do offer bundles of a variety of our different cuts of meat that you’ll find in our store. You can find 1/8th of a cow for example or even 1/4th hog as a part of a bundle.

Is your beef grass finished or grass fed?2016-02-28T17:59:02+00:00

All of the beef that you find in our store is both grass fed AND grass finished! We raise our cattle on a diet of absolutely nothing but grass and supplement with hay in the winter months. That’s all that nature intended for them to eat and they absolutely thrive. Our cattle are never fed any corn or grain throughout their lives, so they truly are grass fed AS WELL as grass finished.

Do you sell live animals?2022-10-26T03:06:20+00:00

Unfortunately we do not sell any of our live animals. We raise our animals primarily for meat – we don’t breed our cattle, pigs or chickens to sell as live animals

What do you feed your livestock?2022-10-26T03:07:44+00:00

Our cattle are on a diet of grass and hay only. Our pigs and chickens are fed a mix of feed that we blend ourselves in house, in addition to having access to pasture, grass, insects, leaves etc. just as nature intended. We do have to supplement our pigs and chickens with feed in order to help them maintain their weight, but we do this responsibly and source only non-GMO corn and soy from local sources.

What is the best way to cook grass-fed beef?2022-10-26T03:08:11+00:00

The answer is LOW AND SLOW always. Grass fed beef is NOT the same as grain fed beef. One thing to keep in mind is the yellow fat that you’ll see in grassfed beef has a lower melting point than in conventional grainfed beef. If you grill a Tyner Pond steak the same way you would a grocery store steak you will have a very dry and tough steak in no time at all.

Here’s how we would grill a Ribeye steak for example. Keep everything nice and simple. Most of our steaks are full of flavor so you won’t want to over season. Just use a high quality salt before you put it on the grill. You want to sear your steak first, have your grill up to around 600 degrees, sear each side of the steak for around 5 minutes each. Then lower the temp to around 350 after the sear, and you’ll want to almost bake it at a lower temperature on the grill until you reach an internal temperature of 140-150ish. Then remove from the grill and wrap in foil to rest. You want the juices to be absorbed back into the steak for maximum flavor. Let us know how it turns out!

Do you use any chemicals or pesticides on your land?2022-10-26T03:08:38+00:00

We never ever ever use anything other than animal grazing on our pastures. We are proud to be American Grass-fed Association certified, and our land is now Organically Certified too. We are lucky to have the world’s best living and breathing fertilizers at our finger tips, we don’t need to use anything else!

Will my delivery stay fresh even in the summer?2022-10-26T03:09:02+00:00

We typically deliver at least 100 orders a day year-round and very rarely have a problem. Our insulated bags are delivered with one or two ice packs depending on the temperature. We encourage people only to order what they can consume by putting the meat directly into the refrigerator. Because our meat is frozen immediately in processing we expect a refrigerated shelf life of about 2 weeks. Since we offer free delivery there is no reason to stock up!

We also want to assure you that it is perfectly safe to put your Tyner Pond meat directly back into the freezer. The general rule of thumb is as long as the delivery has not gotten above 45 degrees in the bag it’s perfectly safe to refreeze.

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